My Interactive Reflection Journal. . . Which is Getting re-Christened because I’m no longer a Freshman (!!!)


Mostly Harmless is a blog I’ve begun for my English class to publish assignments on, though I’m determined to post other stuff as well (when I get the chance). The articles and stories here fall into three categories: Open Prompts, Creative Pieces, and Quick Responses. Feel free to drop me a review (or just a comment), I really appreciate them!

And if you don’t get the title, Mostly Harmless, you’re really not up in your Douglas Adams!



For some reason I feel compelled to preserve the above for posterity. But anyway, important thing is: School’s out, I’m not a Freshman, and technically the blog is done. Technically being the key word, I don’t intend to stop yet!

1 comment
  1. LHolmgren said:

    Glad to see you’re as prolific as ever. Keep it up! Good stuff!

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