Man’s Best Friend (And why we don’t eat him)

Title confusing (and potentially scaring) you? Well good. It’s an excuse for you to go read IRJ 21—All or Nothing: Why Leave out Man’s Best Friend?.

And just look at them. How on earth could anyone eat these two? Though these are only two of the four devils that have taken over my house (and life) since March, you definitely get the idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love these guys, but moments like this picture are RARE.

That’s Percival Pyewacket on the left and Cecil Dorian on the right. And let me tell you, normally they act like they’re two-year-olds hyped up on coffee presented with the largest toy and candy store imaginable. Particularly Percival. Cecil saves the insanity for passing blimps—you know those really, really threatening Goodyear predators? They’re almost as menacing as the two pound chihuahuas that of course are trying to take over Cecil’s territory.


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