Chemistry Project

You can see almost the whole thing here

I originally started writing this post because I wanted to post the video of my chem project which follows the development of the model of the atom. . . buuuuuuuuuuuuut that didn’t work out because WordPress doesn’t accept Quicktime videos (???????). I love you WordPress, but seriously? No Quicktime?
Anyway, I’ve decided I’m still going to post stills (taken with my phone) of the work in progress and of the final just because I’m still proud of the [way too much] work I put into this.
It’s a video in the style of the RSAnimate videos, but it’s nowhere near as well done, despite the [far] more than 20 hours spent writing, drawing, shooting, recording, and editing I put into it.

A few scientist close-ups:
P.S. This project happened about two months ago. . . oops. . .

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