On the Subject of drawing

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it on this blog, but I like drawing, quite a lot. And I think it finally deserves a mention on here. Or, maybe not a mention, but a bit of a home.

And I really need to stop using my phone as a camera.

I got these boots at Urban Outfitters and fell so much in love with them that I felt the need to pay them tribute in a drawing. So there you go. I drew my boot.

These two look a bit like fashion sketches. . . one for a blouse and one for scary hair!

And that I just suggest not questioning.

It’s a person. . . with a big scarf. . . and a big glove. . . and a big jacket. . . who knows?

Sweeney Todd never got finished.

A “self portrait” for school (last year actually). It’s my silhouette (like the jacket with the huge collar?) filled in with stuff that “represents” me. I’m not quite sure how much a map of Middle Earth represents me, but heck, it was fun! Heh, it’s on top of the boot.

Some of my stuff for school on a wall at school (the self portrait, the house on the right and I’m not telling which of the 4 on the left is mine 🙂 )

Sketches for rocks on a canvas at summer camp

A tribute to Arthur Rackham’s Alice done for school.

A WWII propaganda poster done for eighth grade history (oh my gosh, two years ago!)

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