I was such a cool ten year old

When I was in fifth grade, this is what I did for fun. I wrote a newsletter about dragons. This is actually an unfinished brochure for the newsletter (????) which I chose to show on here because it’s pretty comprehensive. I made up dragons and described them. I lifted pictures unabashedly from Graeme Base. I made up explorers who had names which stole from the books I liked at the time (William Walton Walker instead of William Waterman Sherman from The Twenty-One Balloons, I remember consciously trying to make his name sound less like Sherman’s and eventually making it 3 W’s instead of 2).

When I moved schools in sixth grade, my parents (I don’t remember why) took it upon themselves to find the copy of the newsletter I had put in a report cover I took off my fourth grade Mission Report (Santa Clara) and show it to my sixth grade history teacher. After that her standards for me increased and I eventually produced this little less than 6″x10″ brochure for the Mauryan Empire:

To return to dragons. . .

This is what I had written about Asian Dragons:

Asian dragons do not live in caves, as most people think all dragons do. Asian dragons actually move around a lot so there is no point in having one. Asian dragons travel by night and sleep by day perched on the highest crests of mountains.

Since all but one of the types of Asian dragon are vegetarian most of the Asian people aren’t bothered by the idea of dragons. But the Mongolian Jewel reeks havoc where ever he goes. Still even if most of the dragons are harmless, tourists cause big problems, both about being scared of dragons and about wanting to see them.

Facts on Asian Dragons

In the whole world there are 392 types of dragon. Out of that amount 56 types live in Asia.

In Asia the most common dragons are the Shanghai Sharp Tooth, the Common Tokyo Green, and the Turkey Long Hair. All the rest of the types are very rare.

One type of Asian dragon can’t resist gold, silver, and jewels, this type of dragon is also the one who carries off little girls and eat them ( you have probably heard most about this dragon ). The most greedy of the Asian dragons by far is the Mongolian Jewel.

To be quite honest, only the Mongolian Jewel eats people and animals. . . because the rest are vegetarians.

See? I even had vegetarian dragons! 🙂

That’s the header for the Dragons of Africa page, which sadly, I can’t find the text of.

Then there are the Arctic dragons:

Facts on Arctic Dragons

In the whole world there are 392 types of dragon. Out of that number, 115 types are Arctic. There are no common or uncommon Arctic dragons because no one lives there, and just 1 person seeing 1 type of dragon really doesn’t make that dragon common. Even if people don’t know which Arctic dragons are common and which aren’t, some scientists have named them. Here are 2 names:

Silver Jaw, White Tip.

Where and How They Live

Arctic dragons stay in their caves almost all year. The only time they do go out for more than a day, is to hunt, (they eat mostly penguins). Arctic dragon’s caves are usually set in clusters because they like company.

More names

Arctic Wonder, Snow Tail, White Fang, Fire Eye, and Soft Crystal.

I sound a bit like I’m naming dragon beanie-babies, not dragon species. Oh well.

European Dragons

Facts on European Dragons

There are many different types of European dragon, but the most common are the Welsh Wisp, the Irish Long Tail, and the French Flathead. But even these, the most common of European dragons, are rarely seen.

The rarest of all dragons is the Swiss Swift. Only one known person has ever seen him and that person’s name was Prof. William Walton Walker.

In the whole world there are 392 types of dragon, 149 of those are European. European dragons live longer than most other dragons which means that the average European dragon lives 3 million years.

Here you see me borrowing from Harry Potter. . . Swedish Short Snout becomes Irish Long Tail. . . Common Welsh Green becomes the English Red (shown in Brochure). I couldn’t help it.

And of course you have some artist’s interpretation of Smaug over Esgaroth (Lake-town) right on the cover of the brochure!


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