Drawings from Classes

These are all from various drawing classes at my school. . . starting in middle school and going to ninth grade. . .

Sketch of a classmate

Same sketch, excluding the bad legs.

“Surrealist” drawing. It had to use hands in some way.

Robotic figure sketch (on the back of what I was supposed to be working on. I like this sketch better.)

Unfinished. The assignment was to take a photograph, turn in upside-down and draw it upside-down. The drawing it upside-down was a cool experience and explains the weird neck angle (the reason I tilted it in the picture).

That’s what her neck looks like when oriented normally.

Tree roots.


Study for a larger work which I liked less, as usual.

Sketch in style of Degas horses.

Flowers. I like them.

So here they are again.

And again.

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