Other Drawings

Drawn in a class in response to the prompt “metamorphosis.”

I can’t really decide.

Robotic alien. . . thing

Crazy, right?

Okay, technically not a drawing. . . it’s just the inside back cover of one of my sketchbooks, but hey, I made it.

Some genuine weirdness I doodled on the back of kiddy menu and then cut out. . .


Courtesy of my backyard.

He has some claw issues.

A wingless hippogriff, a sea serpent, a pegasus, a unicorn, another sea serpent, another wingless hippogriff, a hippocampus thing.

A pen landscape drawing of some sci-fi looking place.

You can tell how far I got in drawing him.

Much better smaller.

Oh my goodness, I drew a guy. But he didn’t turn out well. I don’t like his face and legs. His jacket’s good, though. I also am not a gun expert. There are probably about 8 things wrong with this one.

I could explain what I was doing drawing mosquitos.

But I don’t think I will.


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