Now we come to today in the sewing saga that has put life on hold.

I have long meant to stop wearing boring bobby pins because they’re well, boring.

So today I made these flowers. Well, actually the little green and red one was yesterday and I cheated and used the hot glue gun because I wanted to make it fast enough to wear it to my friend’s piano concert at three. It took about 5 minutes with the hot glue.

The big pink flower at the top I did not make, but I’m thinking about taking it apart and doing something like what I did with the little one at the bottom with it.

This is the hot glued flower being worn to the concert.

This is the first flower that I sewed. It’s pinned in this picture and I’m choosing thread color.

This is the peach flower being sewn. You can see the thread color I chose in the lower right.

Messy, messy back.

And there they were: the first two flowers.

The peachish flower being worn.

And being worn another (better) way.

The green flower pinned and awaiting thread selection.

Green flower being sewn with the thread I chose in the lower right.

And the fake pearl in the center. . .

And then there were 3.

This one was a bit cheatey as I took apart a fake flower to get the plastic out of it and simply sewed it back together with a fake pearl in the center.

And that’s it for flowers. Well for today at least.

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