Mismatch was a hit the next day. Friend carried him around and braided his tail instead of watching the video on Soviet Russia in Civ. Other friend slept. I watched it. Did you know that the Soviets used the movie “Oliver!” as propaganda that the West was a worse place than Soviet Russia?

Friend admitted that I actually had had a plan and knew what I was doing. HA.

Friend wants one.

Friend says I should go into the business.

I took it seriously.

Meet Lolita.

Lolita is a sheep. She has a velvet cheek and a bow-covered chin and flowers on her forehead.

This is Lolita’s head before it was put together.

Lolita’s ears are the same size.

Lolita’s eyes are pretty, old buttons.
This is Lolita about to be stuffed.

This is Lolita stuffed.

This is Lolita’s unfinished body.

Lolita might be going to a friend. But maybe not because I really like her.

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