It didn’t stop after France, I went to a month long program in Oxford, ENGLAND to study British History and English Literature.
But before I got to Oxford, I spent half a week in Hastings. This is Bodiam Castle, the absolute best castle in the world. Can’t you tell why?

The inside of Bodiam from a tower. England—the most beautiful country on Earth.

Not only is Bodiam a brilliant Medieval castle, buuuuuut it also has a WW2 pillbox (which was never used).

And now, to Oxford, my favorite city on Earth. The Radcliffe Camera.

The garden of Broughton Castle, home of Lord Saye and Seele a.k.a. the grandfather of Ralph, Joseph, and Ranulph Fiennes. He was a very nice, very English old gentleman. And his house was instrumental in the English Civil War. When the Royalists took refuge in Oxford, Cromwell came to the nearby Broughton to make his plans.

Flowers in Broughton’s garden.

The Oxford Union. This is where I heard longest running MP, Tony Benn, speak. Another brilliant English gentleman.

On the wall of Oriel First Quad.

St. John’s College.

Oriel College from Oriel Square. The parking space at the bottom is reserved for the Doctor which makes it just THAT much better.

Looking out of Oriel Square towards the High Street. Gorgeous.

Oriel College Third Quad.

The maze at Blenheim Palace, the second largest privately owned “house” in England.

The Hertford Bridge over New College Lane connecting the old an new quads of Hertford College. It is NOT a replica of the Bridge of Sighs!!

Christ Church from across Christ Church Meadow.

Another view of Christ Church.

Christ Church from across St. Aldate’s.


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