En France!


I participated in an exchange program in France over the summer for 5 weeks and of course one can’t get out of something like that without a few great pictures.

Taken from the top of the tower of Chartres Cathedral.

The city of Chartres from the tower.

Yup. That’s Chartres.

A random country road in the village my correspondent’s grandmother lived in near Chartres. Her house was a beautiful late 18th century affair.

Ceramic flowers on a grave in Père Lachaise.

The wreath again.

Flowers in Monet’s garden in Giverny.

More flowers from Monet’s garden. My friend spent ages photographing the flowers; I wish I had a couple of his to show off.

Mont St. Michel.

Again Mont St. Michel. The stonework was beautiful. I read this book in fourth grade, The Mystery of Mont St. Michel, written in the 50’s and I fell in love with the place. Finally going there was amazing.

A crossroads in the Loire Valley.

Sacre Coeur. Though I really am not a fan of this building, nor the reason it was built, I still really like this picture.

Chateaux of the Loire. . . Here is the rooftop of Chambord. The tower of the wonderful double spiral staircase.

Rather a contrast from the picture of Chambord. Well, here’s Fougères. A chateau as well, but a random back part I don’t think tourists are supposed to ever see. But I like it.

  1. Joann said:

    Very interesting…I also read “The Mystery of Mont Saint-Michel in elementary school–it was my favorite book from my childhood. I also visited France, first at age 17, and I also studied for a summer at Oxford University in England, in 1969. I am American. Who are you???

    • thefifthe said:

      Really? That’s wonderful! My dad gave me The Mystery of Mont Saint-Michel when I was in fourth grade and I absolutely loved it. It had been one of his books as a kid, growing up in New York and California in the sixties—I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone outside our family who’s read it! As for me, I’m American as well and just about to head off to college. I did an exchange through my school when I was 16 with a French girl from Paris (that’s when these pictures are from) and then lived in Paris again for a few months when I was 18. Thanks for commenting!

      • Joann said:

        Sounds like your life is off to a good start! Blessings to you on your future travels! Joann

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