In 2 Days, I’m Free (well, for a week)

It’s November. November 22nd to be exact. Thanksgiving break will be here in two days, and for that I wholeheartedly give thanks. This semester’s been rough, to say the least. There’ve been hardly any breaks in the onslaught (of work, crew, stress). I’ve turned in more than 60,000 words of writing already this semester and I have at least two more written assignments left in the semester in each of my classes. Crew, too, has been nonstop (Head of the Charles was a blast, but couldn’t have come at a worse time in the semester).

It’s been a long 3 months and yet, somehow, it feels like we just started. I can’t believe I’m nearly finished with first semester of my sophomore year. I’ve been so busy, I’ve hardly noticed time passing, let alone done anything particularly interesting with that time.

Clouds over the Charles a couple evenings ago. At the risk of feeling phony, check this out.

The Blaschka Glass Flowers

Scenes from Head of the Charles, Weld’s Dock



From the Busch-Reisinger

On the Charles

Archaeology class: Refitting



In the Fogg

Live stream HQ at weld during HOCR


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