I’m Electra. Yes, that’s my actual name. No, I did not make it up. And no, I’m not a Bond girl or a superhero in disguise (unfortunately). I’m 19 and in the middle of my pre-university gap year. Next year, I’ll be off in Cambridge gracing the hallowed halls of Harvard and generally attempting to keep my head above water. Right now, though, I get to make fun of all my friends who have to do dull things like study while I galavant around Paris and Sundance and Los Angeles and Chicago and wherever else’ll have me “working.” (Okay, full disclosure: my job is literally planning a mini-series and reading scripts. It’s fantastic. I’d do it for free. (But I don’t have to, which is better.))

I’m not the best blogger. Which is to say, I’m absolutely atrocious and don’t even remember I have a blog six days out of seven. Maybe ninety-nine days out of a hundred. I’m rubbish at math, I wouldn’t know. BUT I have decided to try to pay attention to it a bit more starting now. We’ll see how that goes, then, shall we?

I’m 2022 and have finished my gap year and freshman year of college junior year (!!)(terrifying) by this point. And, since I’ve taken to posting my essays and things from school on here, I’m also sort of a better blogger. And being a prospective an English major (maybe art history? maybe VES or Hist & Lit?), there are certainly a lot of them. (I’ve declared; I’m an English concentrator with a secondary in French Lit. Huzzah!)

At Harvard, I cox for the lightweight women’s crew team (something I never expected to do in a million years) and read. A lot. I mean I read a lot anyway. But man.

Anyway. That’s about got me covered for now.


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