Objective 1

The student will demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of a specific archetype.

Archetypes Artifact: A wikipage created by myself and three classmates detailing the traits of the companion archetype and examples of it across culture, media, and time.


In all honesty, I detested this project, though I do admit I am extremely biased. First off: group projects force me to rely on others instead of myself, a state which I never enjoy. Second, I ended up almost completely writing one of my group member’s pieces, as I had predicted. And third, Wikispaces insisted on continually malfunctioning, causing extreme technical difficulties which eventually resulted in a lower grade for my group.

However, all in all, I think that my parts for this project were well written and thought out, clearly demonstrating my understanding of the companion archetype. My favorite piece for the this project was my description of Sam Gamgee (from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings) in terms of the companion archetype which I thought sufficiently concise, while managing to cover all the major points of Sam’s companionship with Frodo.

This was not my only part of this project, I also analyzed Iolaus, Haracles’ companion, in a bubble chart (not visible on the wikipage due to technical difficulties) and Little John in a paragraph similar to that regarding Sam as well as contributed to writing the introduction and editing the entire page.

Beginning writing these pieces was not easy; I remember sitting, staring at my lovely (and blank) computer screen, trying to figure out what on earth to say and how to say it. Not that I didn’t understand the archetype or how my characters fit into it, but it was surprisingly hard for me to just begin writing these small, five sentence paragraphs. Eventually I just started typing something about Sam and his loyalty to Frodo, which eventually became quite a few more sentences than five. But once I had these (very weak) sentences I began to edit them and eventually turned them into what is on the page now. After that, the other paragraphs came easily—or, at least, as easily as I could ever hope something such as this to come. During that process, I realized that the best way to write something is just to start. You just have to get something down on that paper or computer screen—it doesn’t matter what; revisions can happen later—and then it begins to flow more freely. Funnily enough, that is how I began this reflection—with a paragraph that no longer exists.

Because my process for writing these was so different from my usual one, they did not turn out precisely as I had hoped they might. There are definitely some places that could use work, such as the rambling aspect of Little John’s paragraph where I jump from describing his temperament to his first meeting with Robin and then his loyalty to him. My use of weak verbs such ‘to be’ still requires much work, as well. However, on the whole, I believe i did very well in my analysis of this archetype.

Image Source: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/clh3/NB2010/Page07_clip_image001.jpg


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